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A Year Later: Surviving (And Thriving) During This Wild Time

The days drag on, but the weeks fly by.

There are times where I am begging for a day to end, but then there are moments, like today, where I am shocked by the fact that 2020 came and went the way that it did.

Time itself is so precious, but it's hard to value it the way we once did during this crazy time.

1. Take time for yourself, no matter how silly it feels.

2. Walk outside for a few minutes, no matter how cold it is.

3. Block your calendar for an hour, no matter how difficult it is.

4. Work from a designated work space, no matter how comfortable your couch is.

5. Designate your "on" hours, no matter how how flexible your work is.

These are just a few things that I have admittedly learned the hard way. I don't always get them right, but they have helped me survive the ups and downs.

What are yours?

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