Garrison Gibbons is a culture connoisseur, hypergrowth expert, employee communications specialist, DEI practitioner, and public speaker. 


garrison gibbons

Garrison (he/they) currently works as the Head of People & Comms at Knotch, overseeing both the HR and Communications functions. Prior to Knotch, Garrison worked at Mic, ultimately leading the transition to Bustle Digital Group post-acquisition. Garrison has also worked in the fitness industry - specializing in Brand & People - first at Barry's, before being brought on as hire #5 at Rumble.

Being brand and mission driven, Garrison has worked exclusively for companies who make a societal impact and uses this mentality to impact morale and culture internally and further brand perception and awareness externally.

Garrison believes the future of HR includes acting as the connective tissue between the brand, the business, and the people.

Garrison is an expert in innovating and scaling practices, particularly in the startup and hyper-growth stage.

Garrison's personal values are leading with empathy, practicing proactive transparency, and fostering an inclusive environment. Garrison is openly queer and works heavily in the diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging space.

Garrison has been named Crain's New York's 20 in Their 20's, Involve's HERoes 50 Executive Advocates 2020, Business Equity Magazine's 40 LGBTQ+ Executives Under 40, and was a finalist for the Digiday Worklife award for HR Leader of the Year.

Garrison lives (and currently works) in Harlem with his partner of nine years, Jay, and his nine-year-old dog, Bindi.




Garrison Gibbons listed as one of BEQ's 40 LGBTQ+ Executives Under 40

Class of 2021 Business Equity Magazine's 40 LGBTQ+ Executives Under 40

"The year 2020 feels like a worldwide wake-up call in so many ways. As a leader, I realize the most important thing I have learned and will take forward is…

'Closing my office door when I am on calls, so my partner doesn’t walk behind in his underwear – which happened multiple times this year, but most memorably when I was speaking on a panel about work-life balance.'" 



The Hacking HR Podcast

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Interview with Garrison Gibbons – Garrison is the Head of People at Knotch, overseeing strategy, DEI, talent, culture, and operations. Being mission driven, he has worked exclusively for companies that make an impact with their work. He uses this mentality to impact company morale and culture and is an expert in innovating, elevating, and scaling practices and policies, especially in the startup and hyper-growth space.

Opportunity Makers

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Garrison Gibbons and Anda Gansca moderate “Opportunity Makers,” a series which profiles storytellers in the immigrant community in honor of National Immigrants Day. The series consists of both Q&A interviews and podcast episodes with immigrant leaders across different industries and sectors, showcasing how they are opportunity makers not opportunity takers. Organized and created by Garrison Gibbons.

Arrive at Happy


Garrison Gibbons demonstrates a millennials road to success as Head of People at Knotch. While his title is impressive, his goal is not money or success, but rather making an impact through his day to day work. Garrison speaks to the importance of storytelling and making your experience fluid and cohesive. This will shed light on who you really are and inspire a culture of inclusion wherever you land.

Thinking Inside the Box: My Authenic Self

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“I'm looking towards a world where work and life can become more balanced. I'm hoping that we take the opportunity for more flexibility when it comes to showing up in the office” - Garrison Gibbons is the Head of People at Knotch

Working With People: Social Connection while Remote

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Harrison interviews Garrison from Knotch about how to build social connections on a remote team.

Working With People: People Management in Startups

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Crain's New York's 20 in Their 20's - Garrison Gibbons


Garrison Gibbons on Pride, People and Promoting Diversity at Work

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