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I have not been posting on here as much as I normally do.

The truth is:

▪️ I’ve been angry.

▪️ I’ve been exhausted.

▪️ I’ve been laser-focused on change.

▪️ I’ve been lost attempting to prioritize.

▪️ I’ve been having important conversations.

▪️ I’ve been looking for distractions.

▪️ I’ve been inspired by the protests.

▪️ I’ve been discouraged by the bigots on my timeline.

This #Juneteenth, don’t just take the day off.

🔸 Educate yourself.

🔸 Acknowledge where you need to grow as an individual.

🔸 Learn more about Black culture, history, and contributions.

🔸 List what you will do to become anti-racist.

🔸 Listen to Black voices around you.

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